Why i love horses!and how i spend time with them without owning one!

by Rachel

I'm horse crazy because i love everything about horses!, the way that they move with elegance, the way that they seem so beautiful, and how sweet they are, all the things you can do with them, riding, shows, grooming, etc. And if your like me, a girl who really really really wants a pony but cant afford one, than go to HAPPA, its a rescue centre where you can adopt a pony, horse or donkey for thirty five pounds per year, i know its expensive but you get to groom them and pet them, and you can also visit whenever you want, and all the money goes to towards help to save horses and ponies and donkeys and also to help there upkeep. You can visit there website which is

or google HAPPA(or horses and ponies protection association!)

Because not only will you get to spend more time with ponies, but you will be making a difference to the world of horses!.

You could also:
Read pony books and magazines(i recommend PONY and horse and pony)
Get a job as a stable hand
Adopt a HAPPA pony, horse or donkey
Go on pony holidays
take riding lessons
Visit pony websites like these!

And also keep a lookout for ads, you never know what might pop up!like maybe someone wants someone to ride their pony, share loan, or buy, there is alos tack, rugs, for sale and also loaning or someone selling their pony!.
Hope that this has given its readers some ideas and please check out HAPPA!.
Love Rachel the pony pal

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Jun 04, 2010
Oh yeah i forgot to add this!
by: Rachel

I also go horse riding every other week, im very lucky to be able too!, io go riding at Ponderosa in Newport for £16 an hour, and you get to do pony care and untack and you get to learn lots too. I love it there!!!.

Hope that this is helpful advice!
LOve Rachel the pony pal

Jun 01, 2010
great tips!
by: Sydney

There are many horsecrazy girls who really want to ride but can't afford it. You have some great tips here!! Thanks for sharing them.

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