by TheQueenOfHorses

Hi all!! So I know everyone here loves horses, but this is why I am OBSESSED with them!

Well, I have always loved horses. I fell in love with their gracefulness, beauty, and they're amazing variety of personalities, shapes and sizes.

I don't have a horse, but I always wish I did. I draw horses pretty much EVERY day, and often imagine having my own horse and/or my own horse adventure.

If I were to have a horse, I'd love a Paint Horse mare with maybe a black tovero coat (not that I really mind) and I'd probably call her Starla. That would be my dream horse, but I love ALL horses/ponies, regardless of their colour, breed or skills. They are all worthy of falling in love with ;D

I am excited to FINALLY have an account on this website, and am looking forward to reading more on this website and looking at drawings/photos.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read why I AM TOTALLY HORSE OBSESSED!!!


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