Why I am horse crazy! (Sally and Snickers)

by Dj
(United States)

I am a horse crazy girl because I love horses I love horse movies (especially spirit: stallion of the cimarron herd) I love drawing horses I love horse games. I think I started loving horses when I was about 6 months olds when I first got my stuffed horse sally from my grandma. Horses are my most fav thing ever (well besides my parents and family and god) whenever I hear the word 'horse' I jump up and say 'horsey!'.

I have always wanted to have a horse. Since I fell off a horse at my b-day party I've been scared to get on one without someone holding the right stirrup. But I always say 'it's ok don't be scared the horse will become scared also' so I'm not that scared anymore.

I will do anything with horses if I have to (yes I will anyways even if I didn't have to). I'm
thinking on creating a website called 'www.Horseloverforever.Com' I hope it's going to get a lot of views! I'll tell everyone when its done. I have a horse book called 'for horse crazy girls only everything you need to know about horses.'

I also have some breyer books lucky patch dash snowflake and I think another one. I love spirit so much! I found the movie online and it's one of my bookmarks. I spent like an hour trying to find it. My horse thing that I will never let go of is my horse sally and snickers.

My mom is trying to get me into a horse camp soon I hope the instructors are nice. Once I do that for a couple of years ill be ready to do horse riding lessons! Everyday I ask my parents 'can we get a horse soon?' and 'can we move to the country?' my dream horse will be black white a spot on its head the shape of a diamond. It's what my horse sally looks like (and snickers). I just really want a horse. I'll take care of it pick its hooves, groom it, make sure it gets the proper care and lots of love.

Well that's it for now bye!!!

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