Why I am horse crazy and why I'd love to make a webpage

by Leila

Hello!!!I have always dreamed of owning a horse since i was able to talk!(maybe even before!!xD)IT WOULD BE AWESOME to have my own horsey webpage as well!

My favorite breeds are gypsy vanners. I find them beautiful. I've always loved horses with lots of feathering. Sadly the closest I ever got for owning a horse was when i was at summer camp and when my mom found out the person who used to live in this house before us owned a donkey!!!

My mom went to ask the landlord and the landlord said he'll see. But OMG!!it was a year ago and he keeps saying he'll see!!! I go out horse riding and my favorite up there is Gunner. He's such a doty baby!! He's a fleabitten gray crosbreed and is 18 years of age. I love him SOOOOOOO much!!!!

I'm horse-crazy in many ways. Horses are my passion and nothing!!(or no-one)can overtake them!!! Owning a webpage/website would be so much fun in many ways. I would make it something like horsecrazygirls.com, because this website is unreal!!!!

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Sep 11, 2013
get a horse! kk
by: victoria

show a picture of a horse you are interested in and tell your landlord that you are going to go crazy if you don't get to feel the powerful muscles carry you and take you away!

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