Why did they do this?

by Moody Mare

******************this is not true*******************

I was a healthy gelding when I was born and stayed with my mother through out my foal life. On Christmas day I looked over to my mother to wish her a good day. She was dead. She died of colic during the night.I was miserable. At the age of 5 I was backed and trained as a showjumper. My owner took me to my first show and I was so excited! I was having a great round when I tripped on a fence and my owner fell over my head.Later that day when I was home my owner said "Get in the trailer you stupid mule!" I was wondering what she was saying this for but I wanted to play good pony so I did it.She took me to a strange place and I didn't know why I was there.Later at night I was taken into a room with a horse shaped oven.I was slaughtered.I now live in heaven with my mother and I hope that woman goes to the oppisate of me.Why did she do it? Please help me stop horse slaughter to save all those great horses and ponies that have been slaughtered for no reason.

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Apr 29, 2018
so sad
by: Horsehelp

I cried! :'(

Jan 06, 2013
not true
by: Anonymous

um horses aren't born geldings, boy horses are born stud colts and when they get their baby-making parts are cut out then they are geldings.

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