Who wouldn't love a horse!?!

by Elizabeth
(El cajon,CA,USA)

Well let's see here... I love horses because they are the most beautiful majestic animals I have ever encountered that not only bond with you, but give you many reasons to love them.

A few of the many reasons are that you can ride them,and have lots of fun adventures. From Trail riding to jumping there is always something you can do. Another reason;you can hang out and tell you horse every secret or something that is upsetting you,your horse will know-they can sense body language.

In real life I do not own a horse but I lease,I hope someday I can create a bond a really tight bond with my horse. That is my dream with horses,it's not about the fancy saddles or bridles or even the riding, its about having a strong bond that will hold us together in rough times of either sorrow or times where we are as happy as can be!

That's why I love horses... just a few reasons, trust me there are many more reasons why.^_^

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Jul 11, 2012
I like that!
by: Penelope

I like your page! Would u visit mine please, it's new and nobody's commented yet. I don't have a pic on mine. Hope that's alright!!!

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