What I Am

by Heather

Fav. Breed: FRIESIAN

Fav. Breed: FRIESIAN

Horses are my life! I myself don't own a horse, but my friend owns a family-owned horse farm. So I ride all the time. :)

I ride western; very rarely will you see me riding English. I love to barrel race. Getting in the saddle is like a ...well like a new car you have this chill of excitement. I just love that.

The reason why I think (i know)I am horse crazy is that every second I am thinking of them. They're beautiful, majestic and mighty and just plain old (well) awesome!!! :)

My favorite breed of horse is a friesian. I like horses more than ponies so if I had to choose my favorite breed of pony it would be a fabella. But I love them all so much.

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