What and Where? (CPP)

by Rachael

What is top 10 high score on Pony Pal Derby? Also, what is the wiggins weekly? How do you pick apples up off the trails? Where do you go to play minigames? Where is the wiggins mansion?

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Nov 09, 2010
by: RustyGirl

-The Pony Pal Derby is a minigame at the Wiggins Estate meadow. You pass it on the way to the mansion, but you have to get off your pony to see the link. Click on the link, and it will take you to a typing minigame. The idea is to type the letters and words on screen as quickly as you can, and also not let the other pony get ahead of you - type correctly and you will go faster.

-The website newsletter, the Wiggins Bi-Weekly, is what was previously known as the Wiggins Weekly. Go to "News" to find links to all issues of the WW and WBW - the newest is at the top.

-To pick apples on the trail, click on them as you ride your pony past. You can stop your pony to pick them too, if you're not fast enough while the pony is moving.

-There are minigames pretty much everywhere. Every meadow anong the trail, Downtown, and in the barn loft. All you have to do to see them when you're on the trails is get off your pony.

-Wiggins Mansion is at the end of the Wiggins Estate trails. These trails start behind the gate at Three Birches. However, you need to have a pony from Olson's and have your board bill up to date to ride on them.

Feel free to send me a w-mail (wiggins mail) in-game - my username is RustyGirl. I always accept pal requests, and I'm happy to help!

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