What a Fail!

by Lydia
(Moon Twp. PA, USA)

So I was at my first real show and it was my second jumping course round and me and the school horse Katie were heading to a 2" fence and she refused it 4x!

I've been riding for almost 2 years now and I've jumped 2'9" and she refused 3x and I kicked and kicked and smacked her with my crop and she still refused the jump!

I left the riding ring with an embarrassed spirit. I was mad at her but I still love her! <3

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I'm sure you already do but.... Just try it...
by: Horseluver4evernever

Maybe try loosening your reins. I'm sure you have a trainer and I don't want to sound like one. That's what my trainer said when Timothy (my Fave horse) kept refusing jumps. You probably aren't but maybe when your jumping you come down a bit too early, and catch her in the mouth. Again, you probably do but once you get her up to the jump give her a sharp crop. Or a few strides away from the jump give her a smack on the hind. Keep pushing her with your legs. Get a good pace. Good luck! I hope this helps!!!!!!:)

P.S: try using spurs before the jump.

by: be stronger

you need to be more tougher and stronger with her because if you let her get away with it she will keep doing it. the only reason for why she cut out was because you took your legs of or opened your rains, when she cuts out you need to turn her into the jump and make her do it even yell at her. making her go faster is just going to make her scared and she won't refuse it but she will stop and you will go flying. so you need to turn her in the direction that you don't want to go and if their are people reading this and disagreeing then guess what i am, a olympic show jumper so i think i know what i am talking about. so try this method but if it doesn't work then try putting it lower down so she can go over that then put it higher but work your way up ok.

by: Anonymous

go at a faster speed. she won't be able to stop right away so then she will just go over.

by: Angel Horse

I have failed with a horse too. All you need to do is try again and make it fun for the horse.

angel horse

by: Julianna

OMG, I live sooooo near Moon Twp! I'm in Peters Township. nOT GONNA reveal anymore but...
Anyway. It sounds like you had a hard time with that. Better luck next time...

oh no!
by: Horsecrazygirl Sydney

Don't worry - it can happen to anyone! You never know what can happen. Better luck next time. :-)

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