We are the Demigods - Chapter 1

by Scarlett

NOTE - Who here loves Greek Mythology? :D Meee! So, I got creative, and decided to write a story following a daughter of Hades (Lord of the Dead) and her mount, Arion. Pictures coming soon. Enjoy!

"Nico, have you no patience?" Hazel called back to her older brother, with an exasperated sigh. He was so pushy.
"It's your first school dance. I don't want you to be laaate!" Nico replied, in a singsong voice.
Hazel rolled her eyes, but smiled lightly. Her brother wore all black, hated social life, and was incredibly quiet and a bit creepy (what with the shoulder-length black hair and ice blue eyes always staring at you), but could act so immature around her sometimes.
Hazel, however, looked nothing like her brother. Her hair was dark brown and so curly and wild that it was to the point of being called 'frizzy,' and she was very tan from working at the nearby stables all day. Her eyes were like 24-karat gold.
Hazel loved horses and everything to do with them. Nico loved them, yes, but didn't have as much passion toward the animals. Hazel would have been completely okay with spending a lifetime in a barn full of horses to take care of.

After what seemed like an hour of getting ready, Hazel finally looked at herself in the mirror. Her black and red dress flowed to her ankles, where she wore black combat boots. But there was something wrong.
"Aha," she said to herself, as if she'd figured something out. Grabbing a bandana, she tied her mop of hair back in it like a hardcore ponytail, and looked at herself again.
A few strands of her frizzy hair snuck their way out of the bandana with a 'twinge' and fell in front of her right eye, but she didn't care. Hazel passed them by, and swooped out of her room, downstairs and into the living room where she met her older brother.
He was definitely not in anything fancy. He was in his usual black aviators jacket, black jeans, studded belt and black combat boots. Typical. He would go to his wedding dressed like that, and no one would stop him.
"Finally," Nico greeted, stuffing his hands in the pockets of his jacket.
"Hello to you, too," Hazel replied, giggling lightly.
"Whatever." Nico rolled his eyes playfully. "Hazel.. you look great."
"You're too sweet," She pinched her brother's cheek, then headed for the door.
"Don't let any boy touch you o-"
"Okay!" Hazel called in reply, shutting the door behind her. "Overprotective," she muttered under her breath.
She inhaled deeply, and let out a sigh of peace. She had told Arion that she would need a ride to a dance, to which the buckskin stallion grudgingly agreed.
Hazel gathered her strength, and willed herself to pull gold out of the ground below her. It was like a pulling sensation in her gut, and stung a little bit, but was a small pain that she could easily tolerate.
Nuggets of gold fell into her palm when she willed the sensation off, and she smiled lightly. 'Arion will love these ones,' she thought to herself.
Arion was an immortal stallion who, be surprised, lived on a diet of gold. If Hazel was to catch him and keep him at her side, she had to give him treats of gold.
Hazel was absent-mindedly kicking at the dirt on the ground when she heard hoofbeats drawing nearer. Looking up, she saw that it was her beloved buckskin mount, Arion. She grinned brightly, and waved to him. "Over here."

'I know where you are,' A voice replied in her mind, a bit rudely, but she took no mind to it.
'You are lucky that I agreed to this,' Arion told Hazel once he stood before her, tall and proud. 'A school dance, how silly. You will be going on foot next time for making me look stupid, you know.'
"Aw, c'mon, Arion," Hazel laughed lightly, patting the stallion's neck. "You're a free spirit. You can go as quickly as you came, until I call you back." She offered the gold nuggets to him, to which he snapped up in a heartbeat.

Arion looked up as if he were pondering in thought, then glanced back down at Hazel. 'I guess I can tolerate showing my face around there,'
"Yes, yes, you can." Hazel rubbed the stallion behind the ears, then grabbed hold of his long black mane, and hoisted herself upon his sleek, shiny back.

"A'ight, Arion. Let's travel in style."

Well? How is it? :D I dug up some Greek myths and found one on a buckskin-like stallion named Arion who was a son of Ceres and Neptune, and I found it interesting.
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Aug 14, 2014
: )
by: Devyn

I think it's great. Keep writing! :)

Dec 10, 2013
by: Tink

It's not the best but it's good. I just don't get a feel to the story really? But don't take it personally! It's just me that thinks that so far!

Dec 06, 2013
by: Kaycee


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