by hoofbeats

These are some poems that I have written about Warlock, a sweet white Arabian at my stable.

The horse of my heart
He's the sweetest thing you'd ever meet,
Handsome from his head to his feet
And four years we've been through
The horse of my heart, it shall be you!

Your snow white coat is as soft as sheep's fleece
Your black pretty eyes become alive like baking yeast
Your soft hoof beats leave prints in the dust
And my love for you shall never rust.

Thank you
Thank you for being such an awesome friend.
Thank you for being there when I needed you most.
Thank you for giving me courage when I didn't have it.
Thank you for showing me what we really could do.
Thank you for making me smile
Thank you for staying by my side.
And thank you for showing me to never give up.
All the carrots in the world can never repay what you have done for me.

Here is a poem about a horse called Dusty who sadly passed away Three years ago.

In memory of Dusty,
My love never went rusty
You live in my heart forever
With Warlock together.

You were swifter than a dove
But now are above
In God's green pastures
Young and free, you'll be.

Your long black mane
Your sleek bay coat
Your deep brown eyes
N' you race across the skies.

I still miss every part
It was so hard to laugh
But you left hoof prints in my heart,
And with that I'll never part.

Your not the only one I've lost
My path they've crossed
I miss them all
But I'll never forget you all.

I still remember your trust for me
Your pretty face, let it be,
Your showy bay coat
I still remember, as I spoke

I remember when you galloped across the field
Your long mane rippling
Your tail, the flag of freedom
I remember, I remember.

I remember our last ride
We never knew
Knew it was so close
We didn't have a clue

We were as close as glue
A lovely horse you were, true!
Now you race across a sky so blue
Bit I still miss you

Sometimes I see your happy face
You move with such grace
In my thoughts you gallop past
Here on earth you were just as fast

Dusty, you are dearly missed
You are on my 'great horses list'
This poem could go on forever
But I must put it together

Now I really know that:
Good friends are hard to find,
Harder to leave
And impossible to forget.

Dear Dusty you are one of those friends
You won't ever be forgotten
And I'll say one more good bye.

R.I.P. Dusty!

It was hard for me to take,
You going away,
Those three years ago...

Winning Spirit
The other riders we mayn't outdo,
But don't worry there's next time to
In dressage our best we'll do
And show jumping we'll do too.

Then its win or lose
Ribbon or not,
Our best we did
That's all we can do.

At the end of the day
Your effort I cannot repay
I whisper: thank you.
Cause a busy day went through
And I did my best with you,
So thank you.

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Jun 25, 2017
Awesome and good luck!
by: hoofbeats

Dressage is O.K. for me, but I prefer jumping! Warlock is pretty good at it too.

I also will be competing very soon! I'm so happy for you to be competing!

But anyhow, good luck for the show from Warlock and I! LOL

I just posted part 13 for Runaway so please read and I'm still working on The Wild Flame and Paruku Island! Please enjoy them all!

I will post more poems very soon!

Jun 22, 2017
by: CC

Yes I do think my decision is a good one. Really I could never leave my barn, its like a second home to me.

Thanks for the idea of making friendship bracelets. I will keep that in mind.

Have you ever done dressage? Well, I am doing it right now and I have a show coming up soon. Dressage is okay, do you like it?

Jun 13, 2017
Great answer!
by: hoofbeats

Cool, I would have made the same decision.

If you can afford to pay more and if your trainer agrees then that might be a way forward.

One way to earn money is to maybe make friendship bracelets. Just Google how to make them and there are countless ways how to make beautiful bracelets!

For them you do need embroidery floss but you could get them really cheap at a cheap store. I also sell mine but I give all profits to charity.

Jun 12, 2017
by: CC

So my trainer does teach jumping. But to jump at my barn you have to take two lessons to do it. I don't have that kind of money. So that's why I was thinking about changing.

Also my friends ride at the other barn and they kept persisting me to change to there barn. But I was wavering to their barn I think just because they wanted me to come. Not what I thought best for my riding future.

And this barn I am right now has Murphy. But I made the decision to stay at the barn I am right now. I probably will talk to my trainer about if it is worth paying more to jump or not. Do you think it is?

Thanks so much for your help. You did help me in my decision. But who knows maybe in the future I will change. But you and I know God's in control. So I just need to put it in His hands.

Thanks so much. :)

Jun 08, 2017
by: hoofbeats

Okay, it will be your choice but maybe you can speak to your trainer and maybe he or she will agree to teach you to jump. Jumping is really fun! It is my favourite horse riding activity.

Is this the barn that owns Murphy? I know it's hard to leave a horse you love.

Maybe you can take lessons at both barns but that would get pretty expensive, wouldn't it? But maybe one time there and the other time at the other barn. I really don't know.

If you want, I can post your question on 'Horse questions anyone?' it's a page that is on this website. I'm sure the other girls will give you better answers than I have.

I am happy to help if you have any more questions!

I hope this helps at least a little.

Jun 07, 2017
I am smiling too
by: CC

Well you just made me smile too. And I think you are so awesome.

Wow, that is so cool that you jumped 60c. To me that is so high. Aww, why don't they let you ride Warlock? I will pray that they will soon.

I haven't really jumped yet but I am hoping to start jumping soon. But I think for me to start jumping I will have to change barns. The barn that has the jumping is really wonderful. But do you think it is worth changing barns for just wanting to jump?

I really need feedback on this, it is like really hard to figure out. If I want to leave a nice barn and jump, or not leave.

Jun 06, 2017
ha ha ha ha!
by: hoofbeats

You're so cool! Your comment really put a smile on my face!

Just an update: I had a lesson recently, but I couldn't ride Warlock :( But oh well I jumped 60cm on the horse I was riding! My highest yet!

P.S. Yeah, I think it's awesome that we both ride English!

May 31, 2017
No biggy
by: CC

Don't worry about the late response. And I can't wait for that prayer, oh it's going to be so awesome I just know it.

You're welcome about reading and loving your story. It is so good. Also I love how we both ride English, so cool.

May 29, 2017
sorry for late reply
by: hoofbeats

Awesome! I'll get to work with the prayer right away.

By the way, I ride English and thanks for reading my story Runaway.

May 21, 2017
To: Hoofbeats
by: CC

Thanks so much for writing that beautiful poem for me about Murphy. I can't wait to share it to him, he will love it. It is so very true and it just made me love Murphy all over again.

May 18, 2017
To: CC
by: hoofbeats

This is a little poem I wrote about Murphy!

I braid your flaxen mane
Before we play sporting games
But we don't do it for fame
Because Murphy is your name!

Your canter, a dream it seems,
Like your red-ish coat gleams
Together we're above all teams
And your always in my dreams

Not much of a poem, but anyhow, that's what I wrote!

May 18, 2017
To: Hoofbeats
by: CC

I ride English and I think it is awesome. I have't really ridden western a lot, so I can't say much about that. What do you ride?

I would love for you to write a prayer for me, I just can't wait. I know it will be awesome.

Also, I am so excited for that poem you will make about my favorite horses. It will be awesome to share it to them. :)

May 15, 2017
by: hoofbeeats

I know! I had a lesson recently and I rode a different horse but he was such a fun ride!

Do you ride English or western?

If you want I can write another prayer, specially for you!

Cool! I'll start writing the poem very soon!

May 15, 2017
To: Hoofbeats
by: CC

That is wonderful that you get to ride every fortnight. I hope you ride Warlock soon, it is hard when you don't get to ride the horse you love.

That Show-Jumpers prayer is very wonderful and when I ever start Show-Jumping I will pray that prayer. I think it is awesome that you wrote that prayer. Please write more. Well all your poems are wonderful.

I would be happy if you wrote a poem about my favorite horse. That will be so wonderful. Thanks!

May 11, 2017
to: CC
by: hoofbeats

Hey that's awesome!

I ride once a fortnight and I haven't been able to ride Warlock for a few months. :( But I still love him! Warlock is a stubborn horse and he's not the fastest either but I LOVE his canter!

Here is another poem, only it's a prayer.

A Show-jumper's Prayer

Lord, I might seem so small,
Sitting here all alone

Astride an English horse.
You made me of muscle, of bone

But together we're a team Lord.
With one goal in mind.

To make it around that jumping course,
In record breaking time.

Let me hang onto my crop that I rarely use,
And help me to keep in perfect harmony with my horse.

Please keep my horse surefooted
And with you help Lord we will achieve all this.

Win or lose,
Record or not,

With you we're never alone
I thank you for being there,

Keeping my horse and me safe
And Lord with your awesome help,

We will compete in our next show.


Well actually, it's not that much of a poem but still I like it being a prayer!

Did you want me to write a poem about you favourite horses? If so, please tell me!

May 11, 2017
by: CC

Yes, Hoofbeats. I ride once a week at this amazing barn.

Also my favorite horse there, well it is hard to say, but the one I ride the most is this Haflinger named Murphy. He is so stubborn and does not like to stand still. But he has a beautiful canter--it feels like a rocking chair.

Then there is this Thoroughbred named Mimosa (Mimi) and she is wonderful too.

So you ride Warlock? How many times do you ride a week?

May 10, 2017
thanks CC!
by: hoofbeats

Thanks CC! Do you ride? If you do, do you have a fave horse? please tell me!

Apr 29, 2017
I like It
by: CC

Wow, I like it, soul rider, that sounds beautiful.

Apr 27, 2017
Soul Rider
by: hoofbeats

If you know Bethany Hamilton, you know that she's a Soul Surfer, well in one of her YouTube clips she talks about what a Soul Surfer is.

And if you have a passion, like horse riding, you will find out that this doesn't only need to be about horse riding.

I call myself a Soul Rider. Why? Well, that's easy. I rider for the joy it brings me and to be with the horse I love.

It's my passion, the sport I love doing, and I think that there is a special horse behind them who brings the best out of them and makes them a Soul Rider.

Thank you Warlock for making me a Soul Rider!
Thanks buddy!

Apr 27, 2017
thank you!
by: hoofbeats

Thank you so much CC! I will post more poems very soon!

Apr 21, 2017
Yes, horses are angels
by: CC

You are right, horses are angels. God had a plan and said horses will be angels. That was such a beautiful poem.

Apr 20, 2017
My little angel
by: hoofbeats

God put
Angels on earth,

So we could find love in dark times
But their nickers are like chimes
As we write poems that rhyme
I'm telling you, God gave me and angel.

They teach us things only horses can
God put them in our life plan
We think 'bout em' whenever we can,
We love them from the start, and...

Every Equestrian should know
That as a rider they've grown
There's a horse who changed,
Changed that rider's world.

That horse my heart it won!
I'm surely a lucky one
To have such a horse
And call him my own special one.

God put angels on this earth, I'm telling you and I'm proud to call that angel WARLOCK.

Apr 19, 2017
Thanks everyone!
by: hoofbeats

Thank you so much everyone! I will post more soon!

Apr 18, 2017
by: Anonymous

Made me cry, thanks! They are incredibly moving and have good flow and rhythm.

Apr 09, 2017
by: CC

These poems you have written about horses that you love, just are so wonderful and beautiful. I hope someday I may have the day when I can love and be loved by a horse.

Thank you for sharing your poems!!! Please write more!!!

Apr 06, 2017
by: Heartbeat for horses

I love these poems girl! I'm so sorry about Dusty. He reminds me of Tango.

Warlock sounds so sweet and he reminds me so much of Peppy.

Love the poems!

Apr 06, 2017
by: Dakota

I love them! They have good rhythm and rhyme!

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