Walter and Alyssa - Part 1

by Chloe

Everyone told me that I was in over my head or that I was crazy. But they were wrong.

I sat in the truck with my sister, my mom, and my dad, which pulled a horse trailer. The horse inside of it was an Arabian gelding named Walter. He was one of the sweetest horses you could think of, and he was all mine.

The car slid to the right side of the rode, hitting another car in the process. The trailer came loose, falling down a hill until it hit a tree. I screamed as we made contact with another car and everything went black.

I awoke in a blue hospital bed, with a few nurses checking over me. No family. Weird. I sat up, but the nurses wouldn't look at me. "They died, didn't they?" I swallowed hard.

They all nodded and helped me out of bed, so I could get ready to leave.

Later on at the front desk, Uncle Joe sat in a black Ford truck, picking through radio stations. When he saw me, he unlocked the car and said, "Get in, Alyssa."

I couldn't look at him when he was being rude, so I just asked, "Is Walter okay?" And I slid into the seat.

Joe nodded and we headed for his ranch.

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May 28, 2016
Good Story
by: Jesus&HorseLover4-ever

I love it so far! I'll have to read the next one!

Oct 27, 2014
by: Sydney from

That's definitely a wild start. I can't imagine what happens next!

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