Vinnie ROCKS!!!

by Maddie

Well about 5 days ago I found out my girl scout troop were going to a horse stable place. I wasn't that excited at first.

When we got there we were introduced to 2 ponies (Taco Belle and Ally). We learned how to groom them and wash them. Next was the hard part..... Cleaning POOP!:( It actually wasn't that bad.
Then finally, we learned about all the saddle things.

We had assigned ponies/horses to ride.
I got Vinnie. He was a tall white horse.
He is my favorite. Finally it was time to ride!!!

I swung my leg around Vinnie. But what I didn't know was that.......... The lady didn't hold the horses reins she just walked in front of me.... I CONTROLLED THE HORSE!

At first I was a little scared for Vinnie to move because I thought I would fall off. But I didn't.
It was really fun!!

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May 18, 2011
by: Tangolove

Maybe look into getting into lessons at a nearby barn! They are fun! :D

May 08, 2011
a great time!
by: Sydney

Hi Maddie,

Sounds like you really had a great time with horses! Anyway, I changed the title of your submission because we already have an existing post entitled "Horses ROCK!!!"

Thanks for sharing your true horsey story about your time at the stable and with Vinnie! :)

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