Vacation at Elliot Dude Ranch - Chapter 1

by Sarah

I stared out the back window and watched as our Chevrolet Malibu stirred up dust down the dusty Arizona road. We were going on vacation... vacation on a dude ranch. I begged my mom and dad not to take our family away from our Washington D.C. home and drag us all the way down here even if it was only for three weeks.

I had given them much better suggestions for a trip like Belize and New York City but despite my inexperience with horses they chose this. So here we are, almost to Elliot Dude Ranch.

I stared down at my brand new iPhone. A text came through, it was my friend Julia.

Julia: Hey Dally, what's up?
Me: On vacation, almost to dude ranch :{
Julia: Ugh!
Me: I know, right?
Julia: Well, we are enjoying our vacation in Belize perfectly! :)
Me: That is mean Julia! LOL
Julia: Oh my gosh! I have to tell you something!
Me: What is it? Come on Julia tell me!

I waited and waited, and waited. Then I noticed I had no bars at all. "No reception!" I yelled out loud causing my Mom and Dad to jump. "Dallas, is it so important that you have to yell?" My mom asked turning around to face me. "Sorry." I said.

"Here we are." Dad said. I looked out the window once again. A log lodge, stood in front of a huge mountain, off to the side a barn, pastures and arenas sat. I got out of the car and shut the door. An older man with a cowboy hat came walking out of the barn and greeted us.

"Howdy!" He said. My mom and dad started talking to him. I slipped out my phone and checked for bars. Nope,nothing. I slid it back into my pocket. Then I felt a a soft tap on my shoulder. It was my mom motioning for me to get my stuff out of the car.

I grabbed my yellow polka-dot suitcase and followed my mom and dad. As I walked, sand began getting into my Jack Rogers Nantucket Navajo Sandals. I tried to shake it out but it was no use.

As I walked over the threshold of the front door of the lodge, I noticed the huge, western-style sitting room with about tons of people in it. We walked up a wooden stair case and into a room with a big number 12 on the door. I walked into the room and looked around. Two queen-sized, four poster beds sat about two feet apart with a nightstand between them. They were covered with Indian Blankets.

A small rounded table sat in the corner and pictures and one bookshelf covered the walls. The man, Mr.Elliot, gave my dad the key to our room and left. I laid down on my bed. How in the world am I going to get on a horse tomorrow? I've never even seen a horse, except on TV!

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