Up, Up and Away - Chapter 1

by Caroline

Going into that box for the first time was one of the scariest things that ever happened to me. It made weird rumbling noises and had no food in it. I looked down and saw my scraped legs. Everything re-winded in my mind. Blood, screaming, yelling, tears.

I felt the pain in my chest bump harder and harder, It can't happen to me again. The two-legs tugged on the rope that was hooked onto a head piece onto me. I pulled harder and harder as my muscles tensed. No. It will NOT HAPPEN AGAIN! I threw my head up and pulled until the two-leg fell to his knees.

I stomped my hooves and bucked, kicking one of the two-legs in the stomach. They moaned loudly and fell to the ground. I reared. Then, I felt the worst pain in history. Everything went black.
I woke up in another box. One much warmer. Filled with sand on the ground. I picked at it.

My legs were covered with white bandages that showed some red. It re-winded again. More screaming. More tears. More blood... I shook my head, shaking the memory out as well. Suddenly I smelled a wonderful thing. Food. In some oval things there water and food. I bit the grain. It tasted amazing. Nothing like grass.

A small cage hung from the wall. Hay. I ripped it from the cage and chewed. I slurped water. It trickled down my throat. It felt so good. I heard a slap. The same sound that I heard before I blacked out. Except smaller. Then a neigh and a scream and hooves stomping. I tried to look out but metal bars kept me prisoned from seeing what was happening.

Next day, I looked out my window. I didn't see anything really. Only birds and cats walking around. When I turned around I saw more two-legs hovering by my box. They opened up the bars (boy, were they strong) and put the headpiece on my head again. This time they looked nicer, and didn't hold that rubber stick that made that noise. They put the rope on me and led me outside to a circle.

After an hour, I learned "woah" means slow down or stop. A clucking noise they made from their mouths meant faster and pulling on the rope go the other way. When I wasn't listening they pulled out the stick again.

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Oct 10, 2014
love it
by: Anonymous

love it, the story is great! please continue!!!!

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