by Amy

Before the update the game was mildly interesting in the I could monopolize the world and become the richest horse owner in the game sort of way, but now the game has gone so far down the drain that I think that it should be kicked off the internet. I was at first excited by the prospect of new updates to the original game that allow you a little more connection to the real horse world rather than just buying and selling and automatically entering shows, the results however, were terrible. The new riding feature is horrible... your horse faces only one direction no matter which way you're going, all the horses look the same, and there is only one gait. The riding feature isn't really a riding feature at all, but rather a crappy instant messenger. The mini-games are really really lame. The appaloosa one is almost interesting, but still pretty boring as it really has nothing to do with horses at all and the messenger girl is horrible beyond all compare. What kind of idiotic game designer came up with the idea of making the jump rely on pushing two of your directional arrow simultaneously?!?! If one of your fingers pushes slightly faster than the other then you go straight into a bush or puddle and waste several seconds of precious time due to something that is entirely out of your control. What would ever give anyone the idea to make that the key to jumping?!?! It's the stupidest method of game play that I have ever seen. Would it really have been too difficult to take the time and energy to make the jump button the space bar or perhaps the completely unused down arrow? Poor planning, poor game, poor addition. Epic fail Horseland designers.

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