Two horses!!!!

by Marie

I have been around horses all my life, my sister got one before i was born and i rode her. I still have her, and she is a welsh pony. My sister passed her down to me when she got too big for her.

Last year i got a quarter horse, from my best friend cause she got a new one. so i have two horse that i just adore but my pony is getting to old and my dad does'nt think she's going to make it through the winter:( sad! but i might be getting a new one.

i really want an appaloosa or a paint but i have to pay for half of it then my dad will pay for the rest of it. but I'm hoping that i will get a horse sometime soon. i already have 50 bucks saves so like another 800 more and i will be on my way to getting a new horse.

Wish me luck!

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