by Heartbeat For Horses

Chapter One

I sit atop Twister's pasture fence watching her graze peacefully in the warm spring air. The rays of sun glisten across her gray back.

"Twister, ready to go for a ride?" I say as I hop off the fence and walk over to her, halter draped over my shoulder and a treat in hand.

She lifts her head and lets out a soft whinny. I give her a pat and offer her a carrot. I put the halter on her and lead her towards the barn. I clip her onto the cross ties and start to groom her.

Once I had finished grooming her, I bridled her and led her outside. I decided to just ride bareback today. I lead her over to the fence and climb on her bareback.

After giving her a pat, I ask her for a walk. I walk along the fence line for a few minutes and then I have her trot. We trot across the open pasture in the now setting sun and then I ask for a canter. She jumps into the canter tossing her head in excitement. We ride around for about 30 more minutes and then I walk her back to the barn.

I hop off, unbridle her and groom her for a little while. I love coming out here more than anything.

After I turn her out, I feed her an apple and just watch her run around for awhile.

I'm Chloe Hansen and I love horses. I ride a mare named Twister who is my mom's friends horse. I wish she was mine but I still love her more than anything.

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Apr 29, 2018
editing a story
by: Sydney at

You can send us the edited parts via the comments section and we'll make the adjustments for you.

Apr 27, 2018
by: Anonymous

Could you please tell me how to edit a horse story you've wrote?

Apr 18, 2018
by: Anonymous

That's a cool story! I love horses too! If its not a story there doesn't have to be drama! Great job!

Mar 31, 2018
by: Annie RoseThe Horse Girl

I like this book but is there going to be any drama or anything? I'm not being mean I'm just saying like when she rode bareback I was waiting for her to fall off and have an injury and have to get better and stuff. Anyway, please continue the story but put some drama in there. :)

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