Turning problem turned inside out!

by Alison

My name is Alison, and my horse is a Painted Quarter horse. He had a problem with turning, he wouldn't respond, left or right. So I learned, a couple months ago, that using certain leg pressure works wonders! it was awesome! I used (when turning left) my left leg (majorly the heel) pushed in right where my leg naturally lays, and my right leg pushing back more on his stomach, (picture it bending the horse) and the opposite for turning right.

It worked, it is actually what show jumpers use on tier horses, but it worked for mine, now I don't even use the reins too often for normal turning. Of course you must be consistent in doing this, always leg pressure then reins, every time you turn. I hope this helps other girls out there. ~Ali

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Nov 21, 2010
Really Helps!!!!!
by: Abagail

That really helps a lot, thanks!!

Sep 12, 2010
by: Sydney

thanks for sharing this tip Ali!

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