by Elizabeth

I slid on the saddle on Blade's back, tightened the girth then put on my bridle.

"Come on boy, we're going to do some jumping today." I said leading him out of the stall.

"Well, after this I am going to the mall." I heard a girl say.

I looked into the tack room where the girls were talking and saw Casey and Steph. I made Blade go faster so they wouldn't see us. We came out of the barn with out them knowing. YES! They would probably tell me that my horse is a flea bag, what he is not. He is bred perfectly.

"Monaka, I can do a lesson right know since you can't do it tomorrow." A voice said. I turned to see Larue, the owner and the instructor.

"Great!I would love that.I said smiling. Mostly tomorrow is my lessons but my family is busy so I came for a ride. I led Blade into the arena, mounted him then we walked around the arena several times.

"Okay, posting trot." Larue ordered.

We went into a posting trot then we turned the other way. After that we cantered.

"Jump this course." Larue said pointing to the jumps. I nodded. We went to the 1,2,3,4. We went over the forth but the landing was bad and I fell off with a thousand pounds landing straight on me!

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