Trust & Hate - Chapter 1

by Star
(Mt. Airy)

A beautiful mare

A beautiful mare

A beautiful chestnut mare bucked and kicked in the pasture. Clouds shaped themselves in the sky. "Oh, come on girl! There going to put you down soon if you won't let us train you," Iris moaned. The mare snorted her disapproval.

Iris watched her run around the pasture.The mare showed no fear. "You still can't get her to come to you?" Penny asked, leading Macho. "Nope! She won't listen to me," Iris said.

Macho tossed his head in fright. "What's the matter, boy?" Penny asked. Macho reared, Penny lost her grip on the lead rope. He went flying off, almost trampling Penny. "Are you alright?!" Iris asked. "I'm fine. Go get Macho!"

Iris looked around, she saw a horse tethered nearby. A boy was walking toward the horse with a saddle. Iris ran over and hopped onto the horse. " Sorry! I'm just burrowing him," Iris apologized. She galloped off trailing behind Macho.

Iris held onto the horse. She didn't have a saddle to balance herself in. Macho was two horses ahead of them. He could trip over that lead rope and hurt himself, Iris thought.

Iris felt the horse quicken his pace. In no time, Iris was side by side Macho.

Iris reached out for the lead rope, she felt herself sliding off. She straightened herself and tried again. Iris grabbed the lead rope and felt herself almost being jerked off. "Easy boy!" Iris called to Macho. Macho slowed his pace and walked.

Iris slowed the horse she was riding and trotted back to the stable, Macho following.

Penny was with Iris's parents, talking. "Iris! Are you alright?" Iris' mother asked. "I'm fine, help me check Macho," Iris replied. "I'll go take Sun Rise back to Baron", Penny offered, grabbing Sun Rise's reins.

Iris checked Macho's hooves and legs for any scratches, cuts, or wounds. " That was dangerous, you could have hurt yourself", Iris' father snapped.

"I know, but I brought back Macho," Iris protested.

Iris' father led Macho to his Stall. Iris turned her attention to the chestnut mare. "Mom, do you think this mare frightened Macho?" Iris questioned. "How could she, she is in a pasture. And plus, she is not even scary," Iris' mother laughed.

Iris stared at the mare. Her eyes shone, showing fire and hatred. This mare had a fiery spirit, yet, a very dangerous path. Was this horse ever going to start trusting Iris?

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Nov 21, 2014
Great story :)
by: ChaseYourDreams

That was an awesome story! Can't wait for the next part!!

Oct 27, 2014
do keep writing!
by: Sydney from

Do keep the story going! Post the next chapter as a comment so we can read it. :)

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