True love

by Sophie

He paced around his stall, stressed. His ears were pinned back and he was rolling his eyes around threatening. Jess could tell he was scared, he was confused and lonely. No horse deserved to be at a miss treated auction like this.

People who were cruel and evil to the horses usually came here to buy another horse they could mistreat but Jess and her mum came every year to see if they could help another horse. This horse was a stunner. He was a bay with a cream mane with ginger highlights. Also he was big, at least 17.8 hands high Jess estimated.

"Hey boy, you don't deserve to be here..." Jess whispered placing her hand upon the metal gate.
The gelding reared in fear.

" Woah, okay boy, it's alright."

She took a step back and examined him, Jess could see his real beauty but he was covered in mud and his ribs were pressing against his skin. Sighing Jess went to find his owner...

The man was quite large with and long beard. He was holding up a sheet of paper with a number on it, the same number the horse had on his gate. Jess stormed up to him and growled "What the hec do you think your playing at!"

The man look," I really don't know what your on about little miss." He stammered helplessly.
" Oh for goodness sake! That horse out there is mistreated and scared. I can see his ribs. You don't deserve him!" Jess screamed.

Every one in the hall turned around and looked, the man shook his head " Sorry miss but I have nothing to do with that. I own a different horse, I just have to bring him down and get him sold. An dif I don't get him sold he.. he.."

Jess' face frowned "What, what will happen to him?"

The man didn't make eye contact with Jess, " He will be put down!"

Scowling, Jess' face went deep red, she screamed' " I cant believe you people! Right, I will be back in a sec, and don't you dare sell that horse...."

Surprise, surprise half an hour later Jess and her mum were driving home with a scared and abandoned horse in the trailer behind them. It was like true love.....

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Jun 09, 2016
by: Anonymous

Great story! She is really brave... please write more.

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