True Cowgirl

by Shayla Curtis
(Minnesota, U.S)

I am Horsecrazy because i believe that horses r the most beautiful creatures in the world. I have my own horse named Casper. He is a Grey Quarter Horse Pony. he's about 14 hands and is a Western Ridden Horse.
I do Barrel Racing, Key Hole, Pole Bending, and some other Western Gaming Events. My best ride ever would have to be when i felt the wind blow threw my hair while doing a fast lope. I felt like i was in a Fantasy. Where I board my horse is in Minnesota. It is a nice and tidy big 75 acre Boarding Stable. They have like a million trails and.....y am i telling u this...i have a paragraph in Riding Lessons (check it out).

This is my fav. quote ever:

A Cowboy is a Man with Guts and a horse.

- Will James

Since i'm a girl i just change Coboy to Cowgirl and Man to Girl.

When I grow up I want to have my own farm with horses of my own and then I'll adopt Horses from slaughter and have my own Rescue Center!

Thanks for raeding my Page and Hope I c ya L8er Bye!!

- Shayla

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