Tough Love!

by Zoe
(UK, England)

this was him before I met him! his previous owners sent me this pic.

this was him before I met him! his previous owners sent me this pic.

Well, I'm totally HORSE MAD! That's right MAD!
I owe it all to just a few things. Starting with Lawry. She is perhaps one of my favorite people in the whole world. She is quite old now and her hands are red from a life time of holding leather reins! Know who she is? Well she was my very first instructor!

I learned to ride at a small riding school in Cornwall! They had just 4 horses one of which was called Chester, and it was him who taught me to canter! You see, I had a leson on him for the first time after only just having learned to trot, we were taking it in turns to do a TINY cross pole and the girl in front of me had just started towards the jump when Chester began to edge forward following!

Before i knew it he was cantering over the jump and that's how i learned to jump AND canter!

About a year after that, FINALLY, I got my first Pony! I had to share him with my sis... but guess what he was called? FRED RUM!!! Yeah it's soo cool! We didn't know what breed he was but I'm guessing he was a quarter horse and was sorrel in color but his tail had just about every color! It was all streaky! But he was soo naughty (and small!) he wouldn't even WALK in a straight line and he WOULDNT' trot! It appeared we had been landed with the Pony from HELL!

In the paddock when we went to catch him he would let us get about a foot away when he would gallop off bucking and whinnying! Then one time when I was out hacking I was about a metre away from home when he bolted, galloped up the road right up the middle and then turned into a private field, galloped around twice and then began heading straight for a 1.75m wall! I thought he was going to crash into it when he jumped it! It was higher than I've ever jumped in my life! Then he turned around and went to the other side and stopped dead in front of it and I flew over his head and fell off!

If it wasn't for my helmet I'd be dead! I landed head first into the wall i got away lightly with a sprained ankle! Luckily i had my phone on me so I rang my mum by which time Fred had vanished! She in the mean time, was at the shop down our road telling a local how well we are getting on with Fred and just at that moment he comes galloping down the road, no rider, stirrups flapping! It was a comical moment and we had the whole of my village out trying to catch him!

I fell off in total 47 times in the duration of my ownership with Fred but I loved him all the same! He taught me how to deal with bucking, playful biting and frequent rearing! But despite all that he was the best pony in the world and he meant the world to me! He escaperd into my nextdoor's garden once and ate all the pears they had been growing! And thats not all! He then did runny droppings ALL over their garden! And once, another horse owner was paying us to share our field with Fred. You see their horse waas a mare but Fred was a gelding so it was no problem... so we thought! He kept trying to mate with her anyway! So in the end we divided the field! Sadly after a while my parents decided enough was enough and said he would have to be sold! I cried and cried but it was no use. They promised me another horse... and to this day I am still waiting. That was 2 years ago, my parents keep saying we'll see, we'll see, but it never happens.
Me and Fred have had our ups and downs and it's been, well, tough! But deep down Fred is my best friend, and he always will be!

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Aug 26, 2010
by: Anonymous

HEY! THAT IS NOT YOUR HORSE!! I found that picture on the internet. it's one of the most popular pics on the web!

Aug 26, 2010
by: Sydney

i know. it's tough to let go sometimes.. love the photo!

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