Totally Horsecrazy!!!!

I'm horsecrazy because I simply love horses. I love how graceful they are. They are so friendly and they build confidence. It's a privilege to even be around a horse for a second for me.

I love this horse named Taco. This is the story of the best ride ever. I was in camp and we wanted t canter down the beach. I raised my hand and I got to go. As we were trotting to the place we were going to start, I had butterflies. As soon as the first stride, I felt like I was flying. It was the most amazing feeling ever!

The best horse adventure I've ever been on is when I was on vacation at St. Lucia. As we were heading to the destination on the trail. My horse got spooked and started to gallop. Then, we got lost. I finally got control and found the group. I almost fell off! It was so scary but a great adventure!

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