To Become a Champion

by Arabian Girl

Chapter One

*Beep, Beep, **Bleep, Bleep*, Beep!*

I lifted my sleepy head from my fluffy pillows, only to stare at my flashing, beeping alarm clock. I switched it off and dragged myself out of my bed, which felt as warm as toast.

Today was the day! I would be competing in the Murray River Spring Show Day! It was a one day show where I, Judith Nickerson would be riding True Blue Aussie, my champion showjumping horse. Everything would have been a dream, except for one thing....

Melissa Woodward would be competing. She was the meanest and snobbiest girl in my whole school. Maybe even the town. And to be honest, I would have not been surprised if she was the meanest girl in the state. Seriously. No exaggerations.

I quickly changed into black jodhpurs and a clean light blue T- shirt. I would change into my show clothes later.

I galloped down the staircase that ended in our living room. Mum was already making breakfast for my big family.

"G'morning 'hon," She smiled as I flicked the kettle on to start boiling.

"Good morning Mum," I replied with a smile, only wider than hers, as I found the Caro coffee and started to dump two tea spoons of it in a take away coffee cup.

A minute later, the kettle finished boiling. I poured the steaming water over the Caro powder which dissolved like a dust cloud. After, I splashed in a generous gush of milk and snapped on a jet black take away coffee lid. With that done I strode to the back door.

As soon as I slammed the fly screen door behind me, cool spring air engulfed me which mixed in with the smell of spring's first butter cups and daisies. I took a few deep breaths as I jogged to the barn.

Horses nickered as I flung open our big, actually massive barn's doors. I smiled as I approached True Blue Aussie's stall. The big bay thorough bred poked his sturdy head over his stall.

"Hey Aussie," I whispered as I blew up his nostrils. He flared them and returned the greeting. I stroked his blaze that ran down the center of his face. "Good boy!" I praised.

In minutes, I had Aussie tied outside his stall where I started to groom his shiny bay coat until it gleamed like gold. After that I braided his jet black mane and tail, the normal show routine.

During that one hour, my foster brothers and sisters came in to get their horses ready for the show.

I was Dad's and Mum's only real daughter but we took in foster children whenever we could. I had six of them in total, Dan 15 years old, Billy 15 years old, Maria 14, William 12, Harry 11 and Susannah at the age of 9.

Of course there was me, Judith Nickerson 15, but 16 in exactly 2 weeks.

I stepped back to admire Aussie's shiny light bay coat for the 100th time.

"Perfect!" I looked at my beautiful horse. He tossed his head in agreement.

I hope you guys like this! Sorry that it comes to a sudden stop. Please comment to tell me what you all think and if you want more!

Chapter Two

My BFFs Destiny Hawker and Taylor Andrews would be competing against me on their horses, in show jumping.

Destiny would be on Dash Back, my jet black mare. Destiny was competing on her until she found a suitable horse to buy. Taylor would be riding Aim High, a dark bay thorough bred.

The stable was as busy as a beehive as my friends and siblings bustled about making their horses look gorgeous.

After having a light breaky in our cramped kitchen, we all piled into two of our four horse trucks. I sat in the middle seat in the front next to dad. Mum would be driving the other horse van.

Dad turned the key in the ignition, but the truck choked and did not sputter to life

Dad grunted.

He turned the key again and I held my breath...

Chapter Three

Dad hopped out of the truck and grabbed what looked like a spray can. He shook it for a few seconds, then sprayed it somewhere in the engine. He jumped back in and turned the key again and the truck roared to life.

"Yes!!!" Whooped everyone including me in the cab.

In about 1 1/2 hours, we made it to the Murray River Show grounds, which were already cram-jammed full of horse floats, people, horses, horse trucks and even more people.

I unloaded Aussie and quickly changed into white breeches, a black riding jacket which I pulled over my snow white show shirt and my gleaming pair of flash top boots.

Because Susannah wouldn't be riding, she was our photographer for the day. She had asked me with a pleading face just the night before if she could borrow my pro camera and I agreed with a smile.

Destiny, Taylor and I were all dressed the same as we weaved through the horse trucks etc.

"Hey Judith," came a mocking voice. We all spun around in unison to face Mellissa Woodward, the last person I wanted to meet.

She stood there poised like a snob. Hand on her hip, a crop in her gloved right hand and reins that led to a classy looking brown 'n' white paint mare. I'd never seen her before. Ever. Plus she looked bored out of her wits.

"Hey Melissa, never seen that horse of yours before." I said coolly.

"Of course you haven't!" She smirked, "She is my BRAND NEW champion showjumper. She's going to beat your old nag Aussierena."

I clenched my fists at this. It always drove me mad when she called my darling Aussie a stupid girl name, Aussierena. Aussie wasn't an old nag anyhow.

"PLUS, was trained by former Olympian..." She stopped bragging.

I'm usually not a mean person but I laughed inwardly.

"WHO CARES?!?" Melissa burst out," She was trained by an Olympian."

She was trying to hide her embarrassment but was doing an utterly poor job at it.

"Nice try Woody!" All of us turned including Melissa. There stood a boy and girl dressed identically, same as me except they wore navy blue jackets.

The boy spoke. Typical brat. "Seriously. My sis and I are going to smash that cocky smile off your puny face."

Even though her face was as white as if she had seen a ghost, I could feel her anger rising like a long extinct volcano.

Comment to unlock Chapter 4! I hope you guys like this, I didn't know that all my books were going to get submitted so I started new ones but I hope this one will turn out fantastic!

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May 15, 2018
Hello Sally!
by: Hoofbeats

Hello! Thank you for commenting on my story.

It is quite obvious that I haven't been updating this but I am looking into continuing this.

The next part will be out soon!

Mar 17, 2018
by: Sally

It's good and I can't wait to

Dec 04, 2017
Thanks guys!
by: Hoofbeats

Thanks everyone!

Sorry that I have not updated sooner, life has kept me busy but I hope to have a few more parts up by next week. No guarantees though!

Thanks for all your support!

Nov 29, 2017
Great Resource for Reluctant Readers
by: Anonymous


Nov 03, 2017
Great read
by: Sydney from HorseCrazyGirls

Agree this is a great start. I am so glad you're sharing it and hope you'll continue!

Sep 28, 2017
Really good!
by: Hoofprints in the Clouds

This is a really good story. Please keep writing! I hate it when people will start a really good story and then just give up on it. So please don't do that!

Sep 24, 2017
New name for book.
by: Hoofbeats

Hey everyone!

I have now changed the name of this book to "To become a Champion".
I will call the second book of "The horse whisperer" series "Answered Prayers" instead.


Sep 15, 2017
I like it!
by: Haddie

This is a really good start. Please do continue!

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