Tiquilla my dream

by Kali Thorssen
(Bagley Minnesota USA)

OUR si' olena mare (and my dad)  AKA

OUR si' olena mare (and my dad) AKA "SI"

My parents have owned horses for 15 yrs. My mom also had a horse when she was young I've grown up with many horses. I've had my own in 2006 he was a year old best blood lines every memorial day. He was shot and killed in 2007 was my dream come true for a bit all 2007. I couldn't wait till 2008 for all the foals we have 30 horses and 7 foals.
2007 I got a neglected horse named Tiquilla we found out in his past he won 10k in gaming and cutting he was perfect and for 300$ he was mine all mine. He was extreme. But eventually he turned mean kicked me and hurt me 2 days after my bday he was auctioned.............he was a 20yr old (Tiquilla) gamer/trail/cuttin gelding sorrel blaze 4 white soxs.

Now I have 4 mo. to wait till we wean the foal off our si'olena mare she'll be mine finally. The pic attached is si' befor her foal.....

I'm 13 and I've ridden since I was 2yrs old I rode a old plug of ours named Jackie. She's 28 now she's a gorgeous palo quarterhorse. We've had her for many years and shes our most gentle horse we own. Now my sister(7) takes her out of paddock and let her loose in the yard while shes wearing a dress and eatin pizza! Very funny to see.

I have a horse but I lease her till i can afford to buy her.. shes 16.5hh standardbred mare 7yrs (name's Bulldog). She's part TB (Thoroughbred) too.

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