by Ris

The day was soon ending, but not for Lissa Walker. As she headed toward the barn to finish her chores after getting a drink of water, a black SUV lumbered into the driveway. It didn't look like any of the neighbors, so she stopped and shielded her eyes with her hand to block out the sun.

A younger man, probably in his late 20s, stepped out of the SUV. She waved and stood still there. Her dad probably saw the SUV already cause she heard the screen door open behind her. The young man walked up to her and nodded.

"When Walker live here?" he asked without introducing himself.

"Um, yes sir, I think he's coming out now..." Lissa said cautiously. "I'll go get him." Lissa turned and ran up to the house just as Dad came out.

"Dad! Someone's here we don't know. Think he's just lost? He knew your name, though." Lissa's brow scrunched in confusion as she thought it out. He couldn't be lost if he knew Dad's name.
Her dad walked down the steps toward the man and called out, "Can I help, ya?"

The young man nodded and moved closer toward Dad and said, "I'm here for When Walker. Are you When?" He continued when When nodded. "I'm here on account for the-" he looked toward Lissa sitting on the porch rail and said, "I'm not sure if you want your daughter to hear this, sir."

When nodded and motioned Lissa to go to the barn. She hopped up and ran to the barn. After she went in, the man continued. He yanked a wallet out of his back pocket and flipped it open. He held it up and said, "I was saying, I'm here on account for the FBI. Your house has been reported for hidden guns and I'm here to check it out."

When frowned in confusion and said, "I do build my own guns but I've never dealt them out or anything. You see, sir, me, my wife, and daughter live here and we live off the land. I barely know anyone except a few close neighbors. Who reported this?"

The young shook his head as he told When he couldn't reveal that information to him.
"But I haven't done anything!" When said. "Ask everyone I know. Everyone knows me as an honest, loyal man."

The young man shook his head again. "Because you have said all this, I must arrest you and bring you in for testing. I'm sorry, sir, but it's the law."

He took a pair of handcuffs off his belt and started to try to handcuff When.

"No! You can't do this. I haven't done anything wrong!" The young man quickly snapped the handcuffs on and pushed him toward the dark SUV. He opened the door and shoved When in.

Suddenly Lissa heard a car door slam from in the barn and she rushed out to see the young man quickly shut the back door of his SUV and jump into the driver's seat. He roared the SUV to life and spun gravel as he backed out. Lissa thought that maybe her dad went back into the house. She ran inside and looked around. Her mom was out in town buying their monthly bulk groceries - flour, sugar, gas fuel. Her dad wasn't inside the house and she ran back out to the barn. Not there, either! Then she realized in panic that the young man had taken her father away!

She went to her horse, Thunder, and opened his stall door. She snapped a lead rope on is halter and tied the other end of the lead rope to the other side of his halter. She quickly wrote a note and stuck it on the bin where the oats were. Her mom would see it there. She jumped up on him and raced out of the barn, toward where the dark SUV had kicked up dust and spun gravel. She had to save her dad!

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Jun 22, 2016
Love it! :)
by: Jesus&HorseLover4-ever

Write more! It is an awesome story and you are very talented writer! ;-)

May 21, 2016
by: Haddie

Nice and very exciting! Please write more!

May 15, 2016
Love your story!
by: Beckie

I love your story! Please write more! Can you read my story too? It is called Midnight the Black Stallion. Please read it and comment! Thanks! :)

May 14, 2016
by: Anonymous

I like how the story does not seem rushed. It already seems unique. Keep writing, I cant wait for more!

May 14, 2016
Really great!
by: Claudiahorselovr

Full of energy! The guy in the SUV was so annoying to do that to Lisa's dad! I live out in the country, so I know everyone has guns in the country! My parents are from South Africa, and my dad had a gun license. He had lots of guns, LEGALLY! He would go to the gun range to practice, so he wouldn't shoot anyone by mistake! Anyway, keep writing! You left me hanging! Please read my story, Aroura the Appaloosa!

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