Three Wishes

by Sarah

My best friend,Trey.

My best friend,Trey.

So I went out to my barn on a normal Tuesday, like I've done for a long time. Today, my instructor said we would be working with the yearlings (two-year-old horses) I was assingned to Trey, (his show name is Three Wishes) and my other two friends were assigned to Sissy and Tom. I ride Rocky Mountain horses, so I don't jump or trot, I gait.

A gait is a wonderful, smooth four beat trot, pretty much. As two-year-olds, these guys couldn't gait yet, so we were just working on getting them comfotable with a saddle on and a person on their back. After thrity minutes of walking and obstacles, Trey was doing wonderfully. I loved him so much. I wanted to finish off his training and own him so badly...

My instructor told me to pull into the middle of the ring. You know what she told me? Trey was mine. This barn was giving me this wonderful horse for no money at all. She said that they had too many horses at that time and did not have time to train another one. My parents agreed and it was success from then on, well sort of.

To be honest, Trey threw me off the next time I went to see him. And the next. And the next. And yes, I still have my scars. But with my instructor's help, I got him through his two-year-old year. I showed him in my local 4-H show this year, winning the trail competiton and high point award. Trey is my best friend. All the bucks and training are worth it now that I trust so fully in him. I know him, and he knows me. We're a perfect match.

If you ever have the oportunity to train a horse, take a chance. Train him, because the reward is so fulfilling when you meet your goals.

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Aug 26, 2010
by: Sydney

i wish someone would give me a horse too! :)

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