Thoroughbred and rider

by Isabella H.

Thoroughbred and Rider

Thoroughbred and Rider

This is a drawing of a jumping Thoroughbred and a rider. I know that the rider is misproportioned to the horse and am sorry about that but I am happy about the shading and besides the misproportioned rider I think it turned out good.

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Mar 31, 2021
Sorry, forgot..
by: Isabella H. (artist)

I'm sorry! I do not have a horse, but LOVE horses. :) It's cool you have 2 almost 3!

Mar 31, 2021
Thank you!
by: Isabella H. (artist)

Hello! Thank you! The answers:

I use a regular 2 pencil
Yes I used a reference picture
I am 10, But I show my Mom or Dad, and they say Ok.

Thanks again!

Mar 17, 2021
i luv ur pic!!!!
by: Katie

looks gr8!!! u have a horse? i have 2 and am getting another soon!!! here's 2 horses!

Mar 17, 2021
Thank you
by: Isabella h.

Thanks :)

Mar 17, 2021
Pretty good
by: Aspen F

You know I wouldn't worry about the proportions of the person riding the horse, the horse alone looks awesome!!!

...............A few Questions.....................

How old are you?....

Is this from a reference picture?...

What pencils did you use?...

Mar 16, 2021
by: Anonymous

It looks really good!

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