This story is about my hero... My Mom

by Emily

This is a TRUE story about my mother...

My mom is a true hero in my eyes and I'll tell you why......

My mom was super horse crazy and read all she could (reading a book a day), and one Christmas she found a big box under the tree. She opened it and dug through all the sheets and cloth scraps and found a note at the bottom, it read "you will be able to pick up your horse in spring." She was so happy and tried to find out all about him.

Sonny was his name and at the farm that he was from she was expecting a wonderful mare that she knew was there and when got there that spring it wasn't her at all.... it was a chestnut gelding (sonny) that was full of worms and was literally skin and bones, never had been touched in his life of two years, and would soon die. But my mom loved him the same and by the way he was $100.

She worked with him every day but he bucked her off all the time! Later in life her mom and dad broke up and she nearly sold Sonny but instead she became a boarder at a near by farm. And there she learned quite a bit and her horse Sonny learned a lot!

Then when Sonny was 14 she took dressage lessons and Sonny did so well that the two of them became so bonded that they were one, and all she did was think it and he did it! Then at a show, there was a person there that was cleaning up all that season and got 1st, 1st, 1st. My mom and Sonny threw their hearts at it and they got 3rd and the one person got 4th!!!!

So the horse that was winning and winning, was thousands of dollars and my mom's horse was $100, and she won against her!!!

My mom is my hero for loving a horse that was initially skin and bone horse, that wasn't the prettiest horse either. She turned him into a wonderful horse that would never let any other rider on him, and was so bonded.

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Sep 05, 2011
wow hero on the lose.
by: Anonymous

wowzerzs. you must be so proud of her. i know i would be so her lover of horses passed through the jeans.

Aug 14, 2011
by: Keneisha (Canada)


Aug 12, 2011
by: Keneisha

Your mom is a true hero! That just proves that miracles do happen. Your mom is a true hero. (-:

Aug 04, 2011
by: Bec

Amazing..........I'm speechless!!!

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