This is it - Chapter 1

by Carly

There I was, standing in front of my horse, Allie, my sweet 4 year old chestnut dutch warmblooded mare. She was ready for her lesson, today we are training for the show Sunday, we were entering the 3ft 9' hunter/jumper. So we warmed up and started the 8 jump course. She was amazing, we were ready to bring home champion!

I looked at my mom, she smiled and said " Allie is really coming along, you girls looked awesome" I smiled back. We did a few more courses and then cooled her off. I gave her a nice cool shower and turned her out, I was at the barn all day and decided to clean all my tack since there was only 2 day before the show.

The next morning we got ready for the show and trailered there it only took you know 3 hour to get there! It was worth every minute thought. So I groomed every hair on allies body tack her to perfection, and schooled her she was, once again a total sweetheart! We were next in the ring, my nerves started getting to me, I tried to ignore it as I took a deep breath.

The judge called "Next in the ring we have number 827 Carly Casanova and P.S I love you." This was it I took another breath and kicked Allie forward.

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