The Wyoming Wind - Part 1

by Vienna

The early winter sun shown and the icy wind blew my oaky blonde hair back as I cantered up to the jump on my bay quarter horse mare, Tess. It was early winter in Wyoming and I could see the ice capped mountains from my 15hh mare's back.

Tess sailed over the fence as per usual, and when we reached the ground I smiled and dismounted. I still had the new horses my dad bought to exercise.

I took the striped reins from over Tess' head, and kicked my white riding boots in the dust. Specks of dirt flew on to my jeans, but I didn't care much. I quickly walked back to the barn and untacked, fed and groomed Tess and after I got the next horse, Splash, ready, I was out to the arena again.

But as I was leading Splash to the outdoor arena, the paint mare let
out a shrill neigh. I patted the mare but she wouldn't calm down. Low but shrill nickers filled the air. I turned my gaze to the mountains, almost ready to turn back to the barn. 

But what I saw, the untamed, free and fast legs of horses high in the large, steep landform, the flowing manes and tangled tails, and dirty yet beautiful coats, almost made me drop Splash's reins.
Sorry if this was really boring, I have better plans for future parts. Also, this is my first story on here in like 2 years so sorry if it's really bad....

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May 04, 2019
by: Aspen... Artist

I know this is a rather old story but I live in Wyoming lol

Mar 24, 2013
Good story
by: Holly

Good story i liked it. It made me remember the time i saw wild horses when i was going to my friends house with my mother and father.

Mar 22, 2013
sounds great
by: Bandi

If that's a description of wyoming it sure sounded like a great day to me. Sure wouldn't see anything like that in Georgia. I thought it was a good story. made my day.

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