The Wrong Bridleway

by Oliwia
(Felsted, Essex, UK.)

Part One

It was a usual day. I went to the yard and caught my horse from the field. We were going to go down to the usual lesson but something changed.

Remi, my sister's horse was acting the weirdest she ever has. She was bucking, trying to get me off. I was shouting really loudly when Jenna, the yard head, was trotting down the lane towards me. I instantly shut up and let Remi on long rein, making her act better.

I kicked her down towards the other lane, not noticing I was going down the wrong lane, I forced her into a canter. I gave Remi a pat and let her in the field. We cantered around not noticing a young girl leading her horse into the field. I jumped her over a small pile of hay when she bolted towards the far end of the field.

I then noticed the girl. It was Jenna's daughter. My face boiled a red colour and felt like an oven. I cantered Remi outright past the girl. As soon as I got back, I untacked Remi and turned her out. I heard a bang. I looked in each stable, but I found nothing. I looked in the tack room and found Katelyn get her pony's tack. I offered to come with her, so, I brought my horse in and tacked him up.

After a couple of minutes, we were mounted and ready, I heard a extremely loud snort behind us and a large horse zoomed past us. It was Remi.

"REMI!" I shouted seeing that behind me was a broken stall...

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Dec 10, 2016
by: hoofbeats10

Please finish the story!

You're a gifted writer, and it's so cool that you're using your gift for horses!

Nov 10, 2016
This is great!
by: Sisco's Girl

Please share the rest! This is cool, really well-written.

Nov 06, 2016
by: AHorseLovingGirl

I like it a lot, and I'd love to see a part 2! :D

Nov 06, 2016
by: hoofbeats

That's so cool! Please write more I want to know what happens next!!!

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