The Worst Day Camp Ever

by Bella
(Groveport , Ohio, U.S.A.)

I had just gotten my first horse, Essa. She was a huge draft and was hard to control. This was my first day camp as well and I didn't know much about horses at the time...

My instructor, Jordan, was trying to make up a performance for us to do at the end of the camp week. Essa hated other mares and would do anything to get away from them, including take off and run herself into a barn with me on her back... She tried to roll with me on her back three times and one of those times was in the middle of horse camp.

After a long day we were trying to go through the performance one last time before going home.
I was letting Essa eat some grass (I thought she was eating grass) and all of a sudden I heard my friend Katelyn scream and the next thing I knew my horse was lowering toward the ground... My horse had all four legs laying down. I was all most all the way underneath her when I slipped out from under her side... I could feel tears burning my eyes when I looked up and saw my instructor running towards me.

My monstrous mare was having the best time of her life digging holes in the ground with my new saddle. After that we sold Essa and bought the best horse IN THE WORLD - Jack ....

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