The world's worst pony

by Jess

Thursday I didn’t get to ride because it was pouring with rain but I went to see Barney anyway, but thank goodness by Friday the rain had cleared off and I was able to go on and outride with Daniel and Jazz.

The outride was crazy and exhilarating, Daniel and Jazz had advised me before-hand to have Barney warmed-up before we left. We had started by trotting across the river and as soon as we got across, we galloped down the riverbank, side-by-side, the ponies were all wound up, racing each other, unsurprisingly, Moo in the lead.

We got to the forest where we went over a couple of little jumps at breakneck speed! Finally we slowed down to a trot, walk and then let them eat.
Barney pulled his head down and started at the grass, grabbing tufts so fast, as if he thought it would all be gone if he didn’t eat up!

I told the other two, I would walk back because Barney doesn’t have much stamina, as if he understood what I meant, the half the way back he was prancing around and fighting against me to trot, before getting bored and turning sluggish, where I really needed to keep my legs on just to keep him at a walk and stop him falling asleep!
This annoyed him and he gave an almighty buck, unseating me.

Jazz and Daniel had decided to stop for a bit longer to let their horses rest a bit longer but now I heard a thunder of hooves approaching from behind and, turning around in my saddle, I saw the two of them coming in at a gallop, slowing their horses to a walk, they walked on next to me and stayed with me.
We were walking across the river when Barney stopped dead, ears pricked, I checked around to see what had startled him but I couldn’t find anything!

Before I knew what was happening I saw the ground coming nearer and nearer, Barney’s knees buckling beneath him.

“GET OFF!!!!” Jazz screamed.

I didn’t need much encouragement and slid off into the murky water.
I watched Barney lie on his side, screaming for him to get up. He disobeyed me and did what I dreaded most, he rolled.
CRACK! I heard the tree in his saddle snap and him grunting in pleasure.
I was mad, a good saddle like this costs at least R20 000! I couldn’t bear thinking where I could get the money for a new saddle.

Eventually Barney got up and I led my sopping pony back to the yard.

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Feb 25, 2017
by: Christianne

It was a nice story, but was a bit rushed.

Nov 01, 2014
by: Emily(a.k.a. Horse Dreamer)

Is this a true story?

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