The World's Worst Pony - another story

I walked to Barney’s stable and caressed his face, but he pushed me aside impatiently, frisking my pockets for treats, annoyed I groomed him quickly and tacked him up. Barney swished his tail in my face and purposely turned his butt to me before walking backwards, squishing me up against his stable wall. Just at the right time Kendra came to my rescue! She ushered him forward with a carrot, leaving me gasping for air.

“You ride on a Saturday? With Patricia? Oh wow! This is just the best!!! We are going to be such great friends!”
At least SOMEONE was happy to see me!
“Yeah, I do. Though I’m a bit worried as to how Barney will act in a group lesson! Is Patricia any good?” I breathed.
“Umm… she is a great rider if that’s what you mean and she’s loads of fun but to say she has any influence over the horses would be pushing it…” Kendra’s smile faltered, “Come on! Hop on and let’s get warmed up!”
I lead Barney to a mounting block where he skipped and danced and nipped at my ankle, you know, the usual.
After I FINALLY managed to get on, I walked Barney to the jumping arena, where I saw only Kendra and Angel, I asked them where the others were.

“Well, Julia and Jennifer are in a semi-private lesson; with just the two of them, Daniel rides western and is in a different lesson, Liz rides dressage, Jazz does a special horsemanship class where they ride with no tack or helmet or artificial aids and Kyle’s in the hospital, nursing his sick aunt.” Angel replied in her beautiful angelic voice.
I was about to ask who Kyle was but a short, fine built lady walked into the arena, carrying a megaphone.
“Hi girls, I see Kyle’s not here today and there’s a new face among us. I’m Patricia and you are…?”
“Er, I’m Katy and this is Barney.”
“I hope you enjoy riding with us,” she smiled a warm, friendly smile.
I grinned back, I knew I’d like her…she had a gentle heart.

“I hope you’ve all warmed up, so we can get started!”
The guilty faces around said otherwise.
“Right! Trot on large.”
Angel and Kendra trotted on, I urged Barney on, driving him hard with my legs, and instead the pony did a U-turn and dived for the gate! I turned him sharply to the right, almost having a head on collision with Kendra.
“I’m so sorry!” I yelped.
“No, no! It’s so chilled! Honey is well behaved, here follow on behind me.”

And just like a beginner, I urged Barney to trot behind Honey, which he quite happily did!
Patricia asked me to do a 3-looped serpentine to separate myself from Honey and work with Barney myself, turning him to the left, just before we left Honey and Kendra, Barney gave Honey a hard nip on the rump, causing her to lay her ears back and squeal!
As if to prove he meant business, he gave an almighty buck before cantering forward to a complete and utter stand-still.

Unable to stop myself, I fell head-first into a pile of fresh, steaming horse poo, just to look up and find the most beautiful boy I’d ever seen looking down at me. He wasn’t just cute he was FLAMING hot!
Talk about embarrassing!

“Are you alright?” he asked, sounding worried.
I nodded like an idiot and wiped the poo off my face with the back of my hand. Eureka!
“That was some fall you had! Talk about falling into a pile of poo!” he laughed, before giving me this killer grin before saying he had to go. After making sure he was gone (I was certain because I’d watched him jog off and thought how amazing and sweet he is… I didn’t even know his name!) I looked at Barney, who pulled back his lips in a kind of smile and stomped down on my foot. Oh, after this lesson he’d be dead!

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