The Wild One

by Taylor
(Virgina, USA)

I am horse crazy because I love horses. When I wasn't able to go to the stables I cried the whole day. Then I almost died when I got kicked out, but instead of leaving horse world behind I went looking for a new stable, two let me down but now I'm at Kentucky Farms.

I'm leasing a horse there. her name is sugar and we didn't know she had cancer because her actual owner didn't tell us. We learned that from the manager. That's when I had to make a big decision to either keep sugar or leave her behind.

I chose her because I felt sorry for her. She didn't get the proper grooming and she's losing wight. But with me she is a very clean horse and she looks better too, and she doesn't look so skinny now. She still is skinny but not as skinny.

Also I'm writing a story called the wild one about a horse. My bed spread is nothing but horses, I have a bunch of horse books and stuffed toy's. Above my dresser the wall is filled with horse pictures and I have a horse album.

Every movie about a horse I watch and I have a bunch of drawings of horses I did and have more than 18 statues. Then I have accounts on different horse games were I have my own horse. And I rode western but now I have to ride English but I don't mind. Its still fun and I love it.

Once I got so crazy I asked to sleep in the barn, but of course I couldn't. So that's why I'm horsecrazy!

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