The White Stallion

by Debra Rene
(Snowflake, Arizona)

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved horses. The girl's name was Lilly. She lived on a farm she had horses, cows, chickens, dogs, barn cats and she had a big house on 1,0000 acres. She had a pond that was always full of water.

One day she was out riding her she was chasing cows then those cows led her to a pond filled of water.

The next day she went up in the mountains she saw a herd of horses. She saw a white stallion she had a baby with her she saw the girl and she got of and went to the horse. Then the white horse knelt down and let Lilly on then she went out and rode that white horse.

Lilly rode that white horse home and her mother Beth and her father Joseph, and all her brothers and sister's were very worried about her. But her mom said they can keep him and she was very happy.

As time passed, Lilly grew up. And when she had her own kids, Alex and Connie, the same thing happened they found a stallion. Only this time it was a black stallion.

The End

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