The Whistler Part 1

by CrazyHorseLover B-)
(Pakistan )

Photo credit: 387310 via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: 387310 via I'd Pin That

Laura had been paralyzed for more than 3 years and they had no hope of her recovery. She was young and pretty, she had her whole life spread out before her, but she couldn't move from the shoulders down or speak. Her future was bleak and miserable.

Her parents moved to the countryside as the doctor said she would be depressed in the noisy, smoky city with nothing to do and no one to talk to as her parents were always busy. So they bought a comfortable house with a big pasture and a barn with two empty stalls. It also had a tack room and hay loft but they used it for storing unused stuff.

There was a built-in kennel too, so they bought a dog called Barny. He was a small Scottish dog and Laura's mother absolutely adored him. But Laura was still gloomy and quiet. They sat her on the porch overlooking the pasture with a book in her lap, and some snacks at her side. But she neither looked at the book nor touched any food.

So her beautiful body wasted away and she became thin and pale. One of her parents were always with her but she never looked at them. She would gaze at the picturesque green fields and blue sky with a longing to run and play.

Sometimes, at night, her parents would hear her sobs of helplessness and suffering. But they could do nothing for their daughter.

One day, Laura heard a whistle. She looked up but saw nothing. Again she heard it and looked up eagerly. Disappointed, she looked down again. Her mother, too, glanced around, but saw nothing. She shrugged an doesn't on with her paperwork. When Laura heard the whistle again, she looked up, annoyed.

She saw a black stallion, strikingly beautiful against the green and blue of the background, dancing in the green field. Suddenly, Laura uttered a hoarse scream. Her mother looked up in surprise, and, glancing at the horse, wheeled her screaming daughter inside. No wonder she screamed.....

(hope u like it, part 2 coming soon)

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Dec 29, 2014
by: Sydney from

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