The Story

by Daisy
(Canada )

Everyone writes a story in their head that becomes your life story and if you don't write it yourself some one else will.

Yes, I took that off of Flicka but it has true meaning. Sometimes you write this fantasy story in your head and you do everything to make it come true but sometimes that's not how it works.

Sometimes your story goes off track and you loose the main character no I'm not talking about yourself I'm talking about your horse. I've been through 8 - I'm on my 9th horse and I have finally found my true love.

You know, people spend all their lives trying so hard to find something they might have in front of them - they just need to open their eyes! I know, because I was one of those people.

I watched those movies where all the girls fall in love with the PERFECT horse and that's not how it happens. It just depends on the person I guess. I know when I finally gave up I found my Deja and she is "the one". She has her corks and I love her for that.

So some advise, don't try and look for THE PERFECT horse cause you're never going to find it. But if I could go back and redo things I think I would open my eyes and see what I already had in front of me.

So I suggest to all who are looking for something perfect - open your eyes, what you wish for might be closer than you think!

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