The Story Of WildFire

by Zoey

Wild Fire

Wild Fire

I have always wanted a horse since I was little. But my dad lived in the city and my mom lived in horse property but could barely afford a decent car. So I decided we could board it. When i put it on my birthday list, my dad told me he wants to have it at out house, not board it. "Wait a few years. Then we will see. You never know, you could grow out of horses." He said. I didn't believe him. A few years?! Yeah sure.
Over the 07-08 school year's summer, my mom and i went to a feed store to buy horse pellets for my pat rats. I had found a hors eonline, i really wanted, a blue roan appaloosa colt. 2 years old and is greenbroke. I was gonna ask my dad for him.
In the feed store, my mom got to talking about horses to a lady who worked there. She told us, she was giving away a horse. My mom didn't ask me yes or no. She took it. My dad didn't want him though. But we got him anyways. And I still have him.
He is a red dun arabian cross gelding who is 3 years of age. His name was Winston Churchill, but i renamed him Wild Fire.
about a year ago, he was rescue from a slaughter house, and I am glad he was. I just don't get why anyone would send a horse to slaughter.. It's cruel. Anyways, but there was only one problem with him, he had NO HORSEY MANNERS. He bit, he pushed, he scratched, he pawed. Anything. So we had a friend of ours train him.
Now WildFire, still nips, (not me, mostly people he doesn't know) you can ride him, he just doesn't trot well, because no one has taken the time to train him well. But he is a loving companion, and I plan to spend the rest of his life with him. I will NOT ever let him go.

The picture is old, his mane has filled out a bit more, and he was dirty when i took that.

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