The Story of Thunderbolt


Every body wonder's where thunder come's from . it's Hoobeats in heaven ..

The stallion that this story is about is named (Lighting bolt ).. that make's the lighting in the far distance's .. the mare that is about ready to foal is named (Star light) she make's all the star's in the sky at night .. (Lighting bolt )is ready to move the heard and make some lighting around Wyoming and Colorado area. the Ireland mare (Star light) is ready to have her foal . and the day rolled around .. it's a boy the proud father and mother named there son ( thunder blot )?


( Thunder bolt ) is now about three and let's his older brother run the heard named (Dry lighting ) because his mother died from old age and father got killed from a Hart attack .. but one day one of the outlander's that live in the ( north sky land's ) named ( crystal fly ) Kind of has a crush on ( Thunder bolt ) .. ( crystal Fly ) is about a two year old and don't live in a heard she's an outlander (crystal Fly's ) dad ( Moot ) see's ( crystal Fly ) By the Sky landers hared ( crystal Fly ) Yelled her Father ( What Dad ) * ( You don't go by a different heard I'm Taking you to or mother ) said her father in a mean cranky voice .. ( she was going to talk to some boy in a strange heard) Yelled her father ( no mother I was going to see what new heard moved in to are Terrain ) said crystal Fly ( crystal Fly I though that you new how dangerous it is to go by a heard that your not for sure about ) Said crystal Fly's mother named ( Rain drop ) .. ( I no mother .. look I'm going to be Three in a few month's you guy's need to chill .. I'm ok ) said crystal Fly???
her parent's looked at each other ????

* To be Continued *

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