The Star Stable Mysteries

by Sydney M
(Round Rock, TX, U.S.A.)

The Star Stable Mysteries

The Star Stable Mysteries

Book 1: Case of the Missing Horses

I was riding along on my trusted horse Cinnamonswirl when I heard a terrifying cry from the barn; we raced to the barn just in time to see Maya, the barn manager.

“Hi, Maya” I said, as I leapt of Cinnamonswirl back.

“Oh, Hi Annabelle” she sighed. “Oh, thank goodness; I see you still have Cinnamonswirl—that’s good”

“Still have?. … What do you mean?

”Oh… see, I…” she stammered, obviously stalling.

“Maya, stop stalling” I barked. “Whatever it is you can tell me”.

“Well, okay…” she sighed. “You know your beloved horse and ponies?”


“Well, they’ve…sorta…kinda…well” she went on hesitantly, then finally blurted. “They have escaped”

“What?” I said puzzled, “Cinnamonswirl did you heard that—you and my two ponies have apparently escape; aww, have you ever heard of such a darn thing” I chuckled.

“I’m not talking about Cinnamonswirl” she interrupted, “I’m talking about your other horse”

“What!? You mean Scarletdimmed, Rosepetal and Snowflake. They’ve all escaped?”

“Yes, I’m afraid so” she replied

”How” I demanded,

“Well…” she began, as I pulled out my little notebook with a weathered brown covering and the words “Star Stable” etched on the front, and erasable pen from my pocket.

“There was a big thunderstorm” she continued. “I tried to stay awake—really I did… to calm them, I mean… they just looked so scared”

“Uh-hmm, go on” I listened intently,

“Then as if out of nowhere all of the horses just
started rearing, bucking and going nuts” she paused, terror and fright seem to be going through her as if it had just happened. She shivered.

“Anything else?”

“Oh, yes” she looked at me. “Then the lights went out, and while I went to go get some lanterns, I heard a strange noise coming from the stalls, and when I went back to check-- I found Jason moorland in the center of the barn, and all the horses just disappeared. What do you think happened?”

“Well, I don’t know” I said pondering her words.

“But I do know one thing; I, Annabelle Mysteryride am on the case!”

“Well thank you, but I’m just not going to assign this to just anyone, no. what I need is… a detective”

“And what make you so sure I’m not a detective?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh no reason, you just don’t look like a detective”

“I most certainly am a detective, and to prove it to you: here’s my ID” I reached into my back pocket and pulled out a little white card to show to Maya.

“Oh here, let’s see” she took it and began to read. “Our fairly new resident Annabelle Mysteryride whom also doubles as our newest… detective”

“Oh, so I guess you are a detective after all”


“So I guess you can be entrusted with solving this case…” she said.

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May 09, 2016
Awesome Mystery
by: Beckie

Please write more. I really want to find out what happens! I really like mysteries!

Feb 15, 2016
Part 2
by: Sydney

My part 2 of this story is a little shaky right now... but it's coming, don''t worry.. I just have to make sure I get the grammar part of the continuation part of my story just right.

Feb 14, 2016
by: Crazyhorselover

Pleaasee make more!! I love this and I play star stable! I love your story pleaaaaaseee make part 2!!!😀

Sep 20, 2015
by: Eleanor

Loved it!

Jul 26, 2015
by: pony-person101

I love it so far! ♥

Jul 20, 2015
Good start
by: Sydney from

This story seems awesome can't wait to read more.

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