The Stallion's Promise ( 1 )

by Lucinda

A/N: This will be a fairly long story, so stay tuned. This chapter took hours as I wrote it on my tablet, so sorry for any typos. I have it all planned out, so writers block shouldn't be an issue. Happy reading, I hope you enjoy, and any comments, including constructive criticism are greatly appreciated!

P.S Just to clear up what's going on in this story, the main filly lives in a massive Warlander breeding farm, it is quite rural but there is high fences surrounding it so no horses can get out and nothing can get in. The main filly is fully grown and is almost four, she's 16hh and very spirited, she tries to escape every chance she gets as she does not want to be a brood mare, however always gets stopped by the high gates and fences.

Chapter One: - Missing Horses -

- Normal P.O.V-

"Carrots...... No....... My..... Carrots"
I snorted and the horse in the stall next to me jumped awake in alarm.

"Where are they, where's the thieves... AND WHERE ARE MY CARROTS!?!?"
She neighed in alarm, I tossed my head.

"It was just a dream, tip: Lay off the salt lick." I pawed the ground in annoyance.
Ever since she got that salt lick she has been waking half the farm up with her 'Special Dreams'.
She sniffed. "Fine." and settled down in her stall. Not long later we heard a rustling in the bush.

"What was that?" She asked and peeped her head out of her stall door.

"I don't know." I replied and arched my neck. The moon made my dapples glisten and the wind whipped my mane back. Nothing came out.
"Probably a rat, lets sleep it off and see if there's anything in the morning." I said to the mare and she nodded, then her eyes closed as she fell deeply asleep. I soon followed and found myself drifting into darkness.


Our personal alarm clock Reggie woke everyone up. That was his legitimate purpose, waking everyone up at the crack of dawn. My eyes slipped open and I walked over to the stable door, tossing my head out of the open top half and nickered to the nearby mare and foal paddock. A foal nickered back and his mother nodded to me knowingly, then herded him away from the fence.

I snorted, feeling bored, luckily soon the people will be down after breakfast to feed me and groom me and let me into the filly paddock.
"Hey guys." Holly clucked to four horses, including me.

Holly is one of the grooms here, every groom in the fillies barn are assigned to four horses each, I'm not sure about the other barns though. This barn has twenty eight horses in it currently, so it has seven grooms.

Holly begins filling our haynets and grooming us until our coats gleam like stars. She lets some of us into the paddock, but unfortunately I am not one of them. She gives me my feed and sits on the bench nearby the barn sipping a Coca Cola while she waits for more jobs to do. I hear a loud screech coming from the farm office, it must be the stable manager. She stepped out with a bright red face and a groom trailing her, the groom looks very pale like she had seen a ghost.

"HORSES DON'T JUST VANISH JANE! They must be around the farm, look around, there's no way they could have jumped the fences." I suddenly understand why the girl is looking so scared, she's practically shaking, the manager can be very... intimidating at times. Jane sprints past the barn like her life depends on it. It probably does.

The manager, Hannah, walks past muttering what would appear to be: "The twelfth horse we've lost this month.."

What does that mean..?

-Chase's P.O.V-

My eyes flicked over my large herd, the number was quickly increasing, and it was time to kick out one or two colts that were growing to be threats.
I galloped off of the large boulder I go on when I call meetings or watch over the herd from afar. I trotted over to Thunder. A jet black colt who happens to be almost four, he isn't much of a threat to me yet, but it is best to get him out before he is.

I stomped my hoof and nipped at him, challenging him to fight or run. His eyes narrow. "I knew this day would come, Chase, and that is why I am prepared. You have been eyeing me this whole morning." He reared up and four stallions caked in mud, probably to hide their scent, came galloping out. They were a reasonable size around 15hh for most of them, one had a look for regret in his eyes but they all reared up beside Thunder.
"This is my herd now Chase, leave or we end you." He snorted.

I am brave, strong and tall, but I am not foolish. I angrily kicked the colt down to the ground and then galloped off and a plan started to form in my head. A plan to make a new herd, and slowly steal my old one back.

When midnight came I galloped towards my usual picking place, a large human place which held hundreds of horses, mainly mares. The fences were high and strong all around it, but the humans didn't know that there was a hole in the yearling's paddock hidden by a tree, the fences were low in the small paddock, too, as the humans did not expect horses that were fully grown to be in there, so it is easily jumpable for me. I trot over to the first barn, it is a filly barn. I nicker quietly.

"Any horses want to join my herd?" I would normally just herd them out, but they were in stalls. I could break the door down after a while of kicking at the hinges, but it would be difficult to get them out.

"How many members?" A voice asked

"I recently got taken over.. so none. But I am fighting to get my old herd back." I quickly replied but the filly shook her head.

"Nope, not safe enough, sorry."
I skimmed over the rest of the barn. This wasn't good, the mares usually wouldn't come and most were pregnant anyway. Fillies were my best option.

"I will go!" A filly neighed loudly and stuck her head out of the door. She was a dapple grey, and her facial features weren't harsh on the eyes, either. I nodded and began to kick at the stable door as hard as I could. This was going to be a long night.

A/N: If you think story seems pretty predictable it will have some twists.. though guessing takes all the fun out of the story, so sit back relax, comment and let the story flow.

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Jul 15, 2015
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More please! Amazing!

Feb 10, 2015
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This is a great story! Please write more!

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I don't think it sounds predictable and I'd love to read more!

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