The Speedy Pony

by Horseluver4evernever

So on valentines day I was at a schooling show with my favorite school pony Crayola! I got to the barn early because my divisions (I entered 1division that has 3 classes and I entered a speed class) didn't have a set time.

I saw the little 13.2 pony in the cross ties and I wondered why he was out. Then I saw my friend and asked her why Crayola was out. She told me she didn't know. So I decided I would just groom him because his legs were dirty. I figured a younger first division kid tacked him up.

I got all the mud off his legs and groomed him for about 1 1/2 hours. My friends and I decided to go to the warm up ring and warm up. I just trotted and did a small canter before going into the show ring for my flat class.

Crayola is a pony that has a habit of throwing his head down while he canters to try and throw riders off. He tried to put his head down but I'm used to it and I was ready. We came in first. For our jumping we jumped 2 ft.

Crayola may be small but I've seen that pony jump like 2 feet 6! It was the hunter over fences but he decided to be as fast as he could! He took so many short spots and one very long spot! He did that in the equitation class too. We placed fifth in both classes out of like 10.

So then came the speed round it was also 2ft. I think. So we did our practice jump and then into the arena. I was the fifth one in. I was so excited. Over at the other shows I do me and crayola always are the fastest riders there. Don't get me wrong, I don't like kick him and abuse him to go fast. He simply chooses to.

So in our speed class I got through the first part without any faults so I could go on to the speed part. So we jumped the first speed jump and the crowd goes wild.

Over the second jump and as I'm asking for the tight turn he puts his head down and everything seems in slow motion as I'm trying to get his head up he fights it but I manage to get it up! We finish the course in 17.63 seconds!!!! We placed seventh out of 12 people!

Crayola is the smallest horse there! I was absolutely fine with that show because it's something he always does!!!

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by: Horseluver4evernever ( the author)

Thnx so much!!!

that is so sweet!!!!
by: Katie

Crayola sounds like such a sweet pony! that was a very entertaining, and funny, story!! great job!

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