The Rescue - Part 1 (comment if you want more :))

by Lucinda

Jade Rain walked through the streets of the town that she lived in called Horse Point, it was a odd name you may think, but actually most people in Horse Point had horses If you are horsey Horse Point was definitely the place to go!

With its flat ground and long trails and grass just the right shade of green it was perfect horse country it was beautiful too! Jade walked through with her best friend Lindsey who she and most people called Lyndz.

"Hmm, what first?" asked Jade

"We should get toffee and gum from the sweet shop on Rocky Road."

"Yup, and get milkshakes too, and we should check out the clothing store, oooh and we should go to the riding shop, Equestrian Galore!" Said Jade excitedly.

"We should call Alice, she would love to go shopping with us!" Said Lyndz.

"Yeah, you want to?" asked Jade.

"OK," said Lyndz and she called Alice. "You can't? Why?" After a pause she said, "OK then," and hung up,

"She can't because she's having a private lesson with James," said Lyndz

-James was the three girls riding instructor, he ran a big riding school in the east of town.-

"OK then." Said Jade.

"We should get pizza later, Alice would have stopped her lesson by then," said Lyndz.

"Yup, sleepover at mine!!" said Jade
"Awesome!" Said Lyndz. So the girls went and got toffee and gum and milkshakes and now they were going to Equestrian Galore.

"Wow its fancy, the new owners really improved it!" Said Jade who was already caught up in her imagination, riding a grey horse with a flowing mane and tail doing dressage then cross country and show jumping at badminton.

"Jade....JADE!" Shouted Lyndz.

"Huh? Oh I thought I was riding at badminton," said Jade sleepily. Lyndz laughed and started looking around the shop for stuff.

"Check it out! A signed poster of Pippa Funnell!" Cried Jade and showed it to Lyndz.

"And look here's one of William Fox Pit!" Said Lyndz.

"Cool! Let;s buy Alice one of Lucinda Green and pays and order our pizza and go home, Alice would have finished her lesson by now," said Jade.

"OK," said Lyndz and they paid and went to the pizza place and ordered three Hawaiian pizzas and told them Jades address and walked back to the entry.

"I knew you guys would be in here!" Said Alice walking up.

"Hey! were going back to Jades house for a sleepover," said Lyndz.

"Cool! lets go!" And they walked to Jades house.

"Ohmygod!" Cried Alice and they all stared at a silver dapple grey horse tied to Jades fence
"Who does she belong to?" Asked Lyndz.

"I..I don't know, wow her belly is HUGE, maybe she's pregnant?" Said Jade.

"Yeah I think so that would explain it," said Lyndz.

"Yup," agreed Alice.

"Let's take her to James, if she'll let us lead her that is," said Jade.

"OK," said Lyndz.

"Yup," said Alice. So they led her to the Riding school she just about let them.

I will write Part Two if you comment, what will James say? Will he let them have the mystery mare there? And how did she get there? Was she abandoned?

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Feb 17, 2017
by: Horselover13

Please write more.

Oct 01, 2012
by: Lucinda

I am sorry Reina, a lot of people say OMG so I didn't realize it would offend you, and/or God.

Sep 24, 2012
by: reina

Great story.

But I recommend for you to not say God's name in vain. He gave you life and sent his son to die on the cross for us so we can go to heaven to live with him and not go to eternal damnation A.K.A hell.

Man, I get sick of people saying that. It's even worse at school. So please don't say that, it is a sin. It is also in the ten commandments.

Sep 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

MORE!! That was a great story. :)

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