The Ranch

by michelle

Its an amazing place for all kinds or ages. You are able to chose how long your trail ride is. There is an instructor who leads a line of horses through magnificent views of forests and pastures full of horses. Your lead up and down hills and through darker and lighter parts of the forest. as you walk through, you may see some boarded horses running around in large paddocks that are very (very very) close to the forest. The horses are great with every one! please do try this trail ride. its great! For more info on the ride go to enjoy!

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Jun 24, 2011
by: madi

i love the ranch. it has amazing trails and horses. some places they think the less experience you have riding, the older the horse you get but all the horses are so young, graceful and beautiful. i am not saying older horses are not beautiful but i think the younger ones have more spirit and life in them. this place is awesome. :) :P

Apr 18, 2010
by: Anonymous

I think the ranch sounds like a fun place

Dec 22, 2009
sounds great!
by: Sydney

The Ranch sounds like a fabulous place for a trail ride. Hope I can go someday!

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