The Perfect Night

by Danielle

I stuck my foot in the stirrup and jumped up, i jumped so fast i flew over the saddle totally missing it. i got up and dusted myself off, it was a regular day for me at my stables, i owned 3 horses that stayed there.

Marble, a blue roan horse, Ringo, a pure black quarter horse, and last but not least my all time favorite that i can only ride, Boomer, a black and white draft. Boomer was so friendly, but very tall. Why do you think i haft to jump so high when i ride him? Well i was with my instructor Elisa, we were taking the little kids on trail ride (ages 5-6) they weren't bad at riding, they handled it on there own.

The kids were so wiped out after, but i dont know why? the horses should be wiped out... Well i let Boomer relax and took Marble and Ringo to my friend Dylan's house, he loved horses as much as i did, but loved Marble the most! He only lived 5 minutes walking from the stables. I brought his boots and my over night stuff, to stay overnight, i didn't bring a helmet because he has two of them. i knocked on the door Tom, Dylan's brother opened.

"Hey, Jess" he said looking behind me where the horses are, he raised his eyebrows "hi, Dylan ready yet?" i asked "yeah he's in the barn grabbing the helmets" he said "OK see ya later" i said taking the horses reins and leading them to the barn.

"Hey Dylan!" i exclaimed running up to give him a hug "hey Jess, i see you brought my boots? Thanks" he said with a sweet smile "all we need do is tack them up with your saddles, western?" i asked "yeah" he replied opening a door that led to the tack room.

First brushed the horses, then tacked them. we both hoped on the horses at the same time and galloped off jumping over wooden fences and loose logs. Finally we reached the beach, it was pretty busy so it would be hard to ride but then we saw that the shore was clear, so we gathered our reins and galloped off.

When we got home we brushed the horses and brought them back to the stables, we got back around 10:30 p.m.

I knew that was a perfect night.

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