The new baby! (not what I thought)

by Sarah

So when I got to my riding barn early in the morning (8:00) I saw my friend's mom (the stable manager) and all my friends. The manager said there was a surprise waiting in the other barn. She said the baby had just arrived yesterday.

We all ran to the other barn slipping on the ice in the courtyard. We all were so excited. Thinking what would the foal look like, we screamed to all the others about the new foal. When we reached the barn we dead stopped. We all stared in to the stall to see... (it's pretty weird)!!!!

A COW!!!!!!!! I mean this is really weird. Oh ya I forgot to mention it is a calf that will grow up to be a BULL! He started charging his stall. The little cow was so tiny and nobody was allowed to go in his stall.

The cow is really nice and sweet!!!!! I think we will all enjoy having him until he is turned into steak (probably)! Poor cow... But that's what happens...

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Mar 13, 2012
by: Horseluver4evernever(author)

I know right! My Fave pony Crayola spent half of my lesson whinnying to him! Then he stopped and all you here is MOO! Lol all my friends started laughing so hard!

Mar 06, 2012
by: Krista

Maybe he really wishes he was a foaL too!

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